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  • Mar 4, 2015

    I see that Amazon listed you as “Mr.” Stephen Perry instead of “Dr.” But with all other authors, they do not put in a prefix, so they seemed to have singled you out for this honor?

    Stephen Aust Mar 4, 2015
    • Are you referring to the prefix honor of “Dr” or “Mr”?

    • Mar 11, 2015

      If you go through the books of authors, they are listed as “John Smith” or “Joe Doe.” You are listed as “Mr. Stephen Perry.” I just found this interesting since (we) chiropractors are often called “Mr” by people that think that the only real doctors are those who give drugs and cut out organs. Just a thought… and I was wondering if this prefix was your idea or theirs.

      Stephen Aust Mar 11, 2015

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